Florida’s beautiful beaches are a girl’s wedding dream! But with the sand and the waves, it can be difficult to pull off that perfect wedding day glam look. So, we caught up with Karla, Florida’s premier hair stylist, as she was heading out to an event featuring stylist gurus from all over the world, including […]

You’ve gotten hitched, had your dream wedding, and returned from an amazing honeymoon.  With any luck, your photographer was able to capture all of your incredible and unforgettable moments. But now what? Usually one of two things happen.   Typically option 1 is less expensive at first, but by choosing it, you have just taken on […]

14TENN event space in historic Nashville may be the perfect fit for your wedding. Boasting 6,000 sq. ft, this modern space can host anything from birthday parties to weddings and more. With its exposed white framed walls and wood flooring, vaulted ceilings and chandeliers, it is the perfect blank canvas that can be left as […]

Nothing makes a photographer’s job easier than having a beautiful background to enhance your portraits. We had the pleasure of photographing a wedding held at one of Nashville’s premier wedding venues, 14TENN and spoke with Erin, the venue manager, to learn more about the facility and what to expect when booking! 30A: We noticed that […]

Weddings on the beach can provide a dreamy-like movie scene. And we all love the tropical paradise look of a beach wedding. But is a ceremony at this splendid location as carefree as it seems? Let’s take a deeper look and you be the judge. Obviously, it’s hard to top the gorgeous backdrop offered by […]

The first stages of planning a wedding are often surreal. Once you start adding the cost, your mindset may start to shift. But don’t worry, a little strategic planning should bring everything back to reality. The important thing is to write down everything! Do you plan to fly to your wedding destination by private jet?  […]

Searching for the right photographer for you can be a headache, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Most of us just Google a few options, look at the photos on the website, and “boom!” we’ve booked a session! Rarely do we check out the photography styles and lighting choices (natural light, […]

Have you ever heard a version of this quote, “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance”? Versions of this have been used from the British Army to the US Military. Regardless of who said it first, it always rings true. Having a set plan in place and an idea of all your vendors, including the venue, […]

We know that portrait and wedding sessions can bring on anxiety and stress. You have tons of questions and no idea what to expect. Let 30A Portraits & Weddings help take the worry out of your big day. We will walk you through your session with patience and professionalism. You can expect our sessions to […]

  Nikki Serenity is steadily racking up accolades in the modeling industry. Chances are if you haven’t seen or heard of her, you will soon. Nikki recently had a segment aired on Dr. Phil, and has been published over 59 times. She has graced 10 magazine covers and appeared in over 21 music videos. Nikki strutted […]