Preserving Your Wedding Memories

You’ve gotten hitched, had your dream wedding, and returned from an amazing honeymoon.  With any luck, your photographer was able to capture all of your incredible and unforgettable moments. But now what? Usually one of two things happen.  

  1. You are provided with digital negatives (your original pictures without any enhancements, touch-ups, etc.) from the photographer without further guidance on what to do, 
  2. The photographer will schedule a session with you to select the artwork and albums to showcase in your home. 

Typically option 1 is less expensive at first, but by choosing it, you have just taken on the role of the photographer.  Now your job is to sift through your images for the best photos, determine which ones will look best on the wall, find a lab to print your images, pick them up or have them shipped, hope they look good, and decide where to hang them. So in essence, you paid the photographer, only to end up doing all the hard work yourself.   

Part of being a reliable and trusted professional photographer is providing finished products to the client. You should not be expected to have knowledge of calibrating a monitor, color correction, or finding a professional lab, (hint, it probably wouldn’t be your local Walmart or Sam’s club.)  

Preparation for your wedding, in most cases, took a painstaking amount of time and effort. The detail, elegance, and beauty of your event deserves to be captured with the same amount of care and effort. I mean, you just had an epic event, and one of the most important milestones in your life. Don’t settle for mediocre prints from a drugstore. And while Instagram posts and hashtags are great, social media posts will fade away. Don’t let it all be in vain.

Your wedding is a significant event in your life and the precious memories and moments deserve to be preserved. These images will tell a story for generations to come and they need to withstand the test of time. The expertise of a professional photographer can help you create stunning wall art above the fireplace, design a durable, yet sophisticated keepsake album, and guide you on creating family heirlooms.  They should be able to recommend the latest and most popular ways to display your photos such as canvas, metals, and acrylics as well as provide advice on what images look best together as a collection or a wall cluster.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create memories that stand the test of time. Choose a photographer that offers a full service, not a dis-service, to capture your special day.

For more information, reach out to 30A Portraits & Weddings, and take advantage of all we have to offer.

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