Tying the Knot… Boho Style

Florida’s beautiful beaches are a girl’s wedding dream! But with the sand and the waves, it can be difficult to pull off that perfect wedding day glam look. So, we caught up with Karla, Florida’s premier hair stylist, as she was heading out to an event featuring stylist gurus from all over the world, including some friends she made connections with in England. As the owner and artist behind the beautiful boho “I do” wedding hairstyles and the famous “Boujee Brows”, Karlatina’s offers a specialized approach to wedding hair for those in the southern Florida and Gulf Coast areas. But for those outside of these areas, don’t worry, she travels. And trust us, when it comes to Boho wedding hair, there is a reason why she ranks number one on your Google search. 

Me: So, Boho, that’s a pretty specific category. Seems like you have definitely narrowed down your niche! Can you give us a little backstory on how you got started?

Karla: I’ve narrowed down my niche! […] I grew up in Dallas, TX. So I’m like, “Ok, people don’t go to Dallas, TX to get married with the cows,” I gotta have a destination wedding. So where can I go? My best friend lived in San Diego and he wanted me to come there, and my other option was to go to Florida, where I didn’t know anybody. So, of course I chose the challenge and moved to Florida. I started working and it took me time to build. As soon as it started growing, that’s when I met my husband. 

Me: Love always comes when you least expect it! How did you manage your growing career and love life?

Karla: Well, I didn’t know he was military. He got orders to go to England. I’m like “Oh my God”, but I’m doing weddings on the beach, with the sun…I didn’t want to go. My friends told me this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. But I still didn’t want to go. I did end up leaving and it was the best decision I ever made. 

Me: What an amazing story. Kudos to your friends too. Picking up to move to another state is one thing. But another country….that couldn’t have been easy.

Karla: I always knew I was gonna come back. I love hair and I know the “Hollywood” ways don’t work with this weather. I KNOW hair and I can do all hair. And so I thought, “Boho is the way to go”, especially here in FL where it’s humid and your hair can get frizzy. I have to work with what I have, factor in the nature around me, then make it nice.

Me: We’re gonna coin “Boho is the way to go” by the way! I love that! So, you mentioned you work with all types of hair. You don’t find a lot of stylists that are versatile enough to do different ethnicities. What’s your secret?

Karla: Hair is hair. I like natural hair. Even if you have a relaxer, kinky hair, curly hair, you have to understand, hair is hair. But I love curly girls! I ask myself “Why do you want to flat iron your beautiful natural curls?” But I think it’s just because a lot of people don’t know how to take care of their curls. You have to take care of natural hair, and it’s a lot. But I like to do everything natural. 

Me: I can relate to that. It is a tedious task.

Karla: It is, but I love natural hair. A lot of people are scared. Sometimes you have to play with it. The more you practice the better you get.

Me: That’s a great way to think of it. So what do you wish people knew?

Karla: All over my website it states, Boho Hair and Natural Makeup. That’s what I do. It’s my specialty, my niche. I can do full glam and other styles, but that’s not my specialty. 

Me: I checked your website out, and it definitely states that. Ladies, don’t come trying to talk her into something else lol! 

Karla: Right! I just want people to understand.

Me: Ok, so now that we know we want you to do our boho wedding hair, what do we need to do? 

Karla: Complete a bridal inquiry on the website. I want to know all the details. Once that is submitted, you will get an email and a text message with all the information you will need to know. If I am available, I will respond with an appointment request. We will video call just to make sure we are a right fit. After that, we will confirm the details. They get a bride agreement that has the services, totals, and other details to sign. They will read over it, sign, and pay the retainer fee and we are set! 

Me: That’s pretty straightforward. Do you have multiple weddings at a time?

Karla: No. I only book 1 wedding per day. 1 bride gets the best of me. I bring my best game, I bring the jokes to make people laugh. I’m there until the bride gets dressed and ready to go. I’ll always double check to see if she needs anything before I go. I just want my brides to have the experience and confidence that I am there for her. If your hair gets messed up, if you start crying. I’ve even had brides have multiple first-looks for each of the men in her life. So, I make sure I am there for everything. 

Me: I’m sure the brides love that. A lot of people have a set 4 hours and they are done. 

Karla: I am building friendships and relationships. I am grateful for all of the brides that I have been part of their special days. 

Me: What do you recommend brides do when it comes to scheduling?

Karla: I offer previews, which is basically a pre-wedding look before the wedding day. I like to get them in as soon as possible so we can make sure they like the style before the big day. Although I am confident that you are going to love it!

Me: And all brides need that extra boost of confidence. You’ve got a great personality and are so much fun to talk to! I’m sure you are able to make them comfortable.

Karla: I’m very honest, but fun! My signature style is half-up/half-down. But a lot of women bring in Instagram pictures, with completely different hair types from the woman in the picture. I’m all for trying styles, but I am always realistic and upfront. 

Me: Everyone has their favorite go-to products. What products do you never leave without?

Karla: For a boho look, I love SexyHair’s Texture Line and the Healthy So Touchable is my working spray. I also use their Style Control Me thermal heat protectant. It stands up to the Florida temperatures, sandy beaches, and wedding dances. If you need a beautiful, lasting style, you need to try SexyHair

Now, when it comes to makeup, I stand behind Temptu. It’s airbrush, water resistant makeup that gives you a flawless look. And for all those that get a little emotional on their wedding day, crying is perfectly ok. Temptu will outlast your tears! I’ve been using them for 7 years and it’s the perfect makeup for Florida weather. Plus, for brides wanting a natural look, it gives you just enough coverage to do it.

Me: I really enjoyed talking with you today. It was certainly a pleasure! Now ladies, take note. Weddings are stressful enough. My girl Karla has a unique way to make you forget that you were ever stressed. Your initial conversation with her will leave you feeling so refreshed, you’ll be glad you booked her and have a professional in your corner. So for all my girls with the curls, (and the ones without) Karla is ready to bring sexy, boho hair to your wedding day.

Book her signature boho look here. And let her know 30A sent you!

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