Creating Memorable Experiences: A Conversation with 14TENN, Nashville’s Leading Event Venue

Nothing makes a photographer’s job easier than having a beautiful background to enhance your portraits. We had the pleasure of photographing a wedding held at one of Nashville’s premier wedding venues, 14TENN and spoke with Erin, the venue manager, to learn more about the facility and what to expect when booking!

30A: We noticed that you recommended both a venue coordinator and a wedding planner. Can you tell us a little more about why that is important, the roles?

Erin: A venue coordinator is there to do just that, be your venue point of contact. They will be making sure bathrooms are stocked, electrical is working, etc. Your wedding planner is someone there for your specific event and even more specifically, they are there for YOU. Your wedding planner will make sure everyone is where they should be, when they should be; making sure the timeline is staying on track, making sure your vendors, décor, catering, etc. is just as it should be. They are your ears and eyes the day of the event so you don’t have to be! Before the wedding, your wedding planner is your biggest ally; they will help you create the event of your dreams and find the best team to do it with. Their job is to help support you throughout the process and make things less stressful! Their job is to know all of the little details about planning a wedding that you would have never imagined to even think of!

30A: What are your top 5 tips you have discovered that make hosting an event at 14TENN a breeze?


  1. Hire our in-house wedding planners! They know the venue better than anyone and can give you the inside scoop.
  2. Use our in-house décor/ add-ons! You will save on delivery, labor, and one less vendor to talk to! We have everything from draping, to chandelier greenery, to lawn games!
  3. Use our suggested Epic Vendors! We take time every year to curate a list of tried & true vendors that we love to work with. This eliminates a lot of back & forth about the space details, venue requirements, insurance questions, etc.
  4. Come to Walk Through Wednesday! We host this every Wednesday (that we don’t have an event, obviously) from 2-8 PM. This is a time for our booked clients to have access to our space! Clients do not have to make an appointment and are able to pop in with family, friends, or vendors to see their wedding venue! Try out table décor, look at our in-house décor options, or just have the flexibility to walk the space again. We want the planning process to be fun, flexible, and enjoyable for our couples!
  5. Our space offers creative freedom and flexibility with our blank-canvas venue and flexible 24-hour rental, making planning your big day a breeze!

30A: For those that are budget conscious, what is the lowest price point that you have been able to accommodate? 

Erin: Our open vendor policy and long, flexible rental time makes our space the perfect fit for any budget. From pizza, to tacos, to prime rib, we can do it all! A wide range of vendors on our preferred Epic Vendors list require no minimum and we allow for DIY décor to be brought in. Plus, the raw, natural lighting of the space is plenty of décor as is!

30A: Do you know much about the history of the facility? 

Erin: The Nations has been redeveloped into an eclectic spot for local breweries, restaurants and retail, with 51st Ave being the epicenter. Built in 1925, the building that is now 14TENN, was part of the original Belle Meade Hosiery Mill. 

30A: What are your favorite types of events?

Erin: Honestly, I love all types of events. I love the different ambiences that different types of events bring to our space. The love that comes with a wedding, the support that comes with a nonprofit fundraiser, the cheer that comes with a corporate holiday party. I love to change it up and host 5 different event types in a week. Most recently, my favorite has been a Candlelight concert series we held. 

30A: Anything else we should know about 14TENN?

Erin: We are an open book, ask us anything! We would love to talk about your next upcoming event. Big or small, we are a perfect fit.

If you’re still not convinced that 14TENN is your perfect venue, come on in and speak with a member of their staff. You won’t regret it! 

For contact information, you can check out their website, email them directly at, fill out a contact  form or check availability.

Beautiful table settings shot by Al Graves of 30a Portraits & Weddings
It doesn't take much to host a beautiful wedding at 14TENN. With its dreamy aesthetics, your fairy-tale wedding is just a call away. 
-Photography by Al Graves of 30A Portraits & Weddings

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