What To Wear For Your Couples/Engagement Photos

We know that portrait and wedding sessions can bring on anxiety and stress. You have tons of questions and no idea what to expect. Let 30A Portraits & Weddings help take the worry out of your big day. We will walk you through your session with patience and professionalism. You can expect our sessions to be very relaxed and casual. Our ultimate goal is to capture your special moments and bring your vision to life. Here are suggestions on what to wear to your photoshoot.

  1. Outfits should coordinate but do not have to match. Muted and natural colors are favored for keeping the focus on the face and not the clothing. These tones also work better against scenic backgrounds. Looking for colors in the same color family or hue is a great place to start.
  2. Wear something comfortable and conducive to the weather. It will help you focus on the photo shoot, instead of how uncomfortable you feel. Footwear is especially important for comfort when standing and walking during the session. That new pair of heels looks great, but if your feet hurt in them, your face will show it. Bring a pair of flats as well!
  3. Wear something with texture. It aids in visual quality and reveals shape, tone, color and depth. Focusing on these levels of detail are important and can make a big impact when capturing the “perfect photograph.”
  4. Wear something you love. Grandma’s pearls, your favorite sweater, dad’s watch, mom’s earrings. All of these items provide special meaning and provide a warm, cozy, and relaxed state. 
  5. Consider renting. While we won’t judge you for wearing an outfit twice, we get it. If you are looking to make a statement, but don’t want to spend hundreds on clothes you may not wear again, look into renting! Rent the Runway for women and Taelor Style for men.

Wear something that is true to your personality and makes you feel gorgeous and confident. Our goal is to capture you in the calm, beautiful state that lets the real you shine through!

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