Photography: A Model’s Perspective

  Nikki Serenity is steadily racking up accolades in the modeling industry. Chances are if you haven’t seen or heard of her, you will soon. Nikki recently had a segment aired on Dr. Phil, and has been published over 59 times. She has graced 10 magazine covers and appeared in over 21 music videos. Nikki strutted down the runway in 14 fashion shows, been spotted on billboards, music album covers, movies, modeling competition reality TV, and had a starring role in Zombie Resurrection, by Brad Prime.

   Nikki formally began her modeling career at age 18, but her passion started around age 14, when she became fascinated by the models in Vogue magazine. She states “They’re the models who have always inspired me the most.” Nikki says what she absolutely loves about modeling is, “I love being art.” Her favorite types of modeling are editorial posing and modeling flowy fabrics and dresses. Some of her most favorite places to shoot are Florida beaches and the Colorado Mountains.

   In a world of long hours, holding a pose forever, or constant wardrobe changes, it turns out the biggest challenge is her social presence. “As your fan base/following grows, you get more disrespectful people. I’ve gotten more inappropriate messages, pictures, and videos than I can count. Models get a lot of requests for unpaid shoots, because not everyone views modeling as a job.” Nikki states that people rarely talk about how much time is put into photoshoots from a model’s perspective. 

On advice to new models, Nikki recommends:

  • Get connected with other models in your area. It’s so important to have people to talk to and make sure new photographers are safe to work with.
  • Safety should be your number one priority. “I didn’t have much of a community of models when I was starting out so I found myself in some dangerous situations.” Always look at a photographer’s work and get references of models they’ve worked with. If you have a bad feeling about someone, don’t do it.

Misconceptions of modeling:

One of the biggest misconceptions of modeling is that it’s an easy job. Modeling isn’t just standing in front of a camera and looking pretty. Modeling means a lot of prep time, from hair and makeup, to wardrobe. It means researching people you’re going to work with. Building your network, social media, etc; Good models work their butt off. Just watch a video of someone like Coco Rocha and then try to tell me her job is easy.” 

How do you want to impact the modeling world?

“I want to show models that they can get far without taking their clothes off.” Like many models, Nikki was told she would have to model nude to make it. Fortunately, she has gotten this far without caving into the myth. “I also want body hair on women to become more normalized.” Nikki states, “that’s how I got on Dr. Phil.” Lastly, she encourages, it’s more about the model than the modeling. “Stay safe, and have fun!”

Put your modeling skills to the test at some of the amazing beaches Florida has to offer here. For an interesting background, try Boneyard Beach in Jacksonville. For a quaint, relaxing town vibe, try Rosemary Beach along the Scenic Route of 30A.

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