You’ve gotten hitched, had your dream wedding, and returned from an amazing honeymoon.  With any luck, your photographer was able to capture all of your incredible and unforgettable moments. But now what? Usually one of two things happen.   Typically option 1 is less expensive at first, but by choosing it, you have just taken on […]

The first stages of planning a wedding are often surreal. Once you start adding the cost, your mindset may start to shift. But don’t worry, a little strategic planning should bring everything back to reality. The important thing is to write down everything! Do you plan to fly to your wedding destination by private jet?  […]

Searching for the right photographer for you can be a headache, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Most of us just Google a few options, look at the photos on the website, and “boom!” we’ve booked a session! Rarely do we check out the photography styles and lighting choices (natural light, […]

With beautiful brides and elaborate wedding dresses, the guys sometimes get left out of the equation. Here are some quick tips to ensure you are not just a mere “prop” for the bride. A Fresh Cut is always a great confidence booster. If possible, a styled haircut the day of your event is preferable, or […]

Regardless if you have had a professional photographer or not, your expectations are still beautiful, timeless products that capture a moment in time. We understand that no two clients or photoshoots are the same. With 30a Portraits & Weddings you can expect a professional and courteous experience. Be prepared to enjoy quality products from 30a […]