What to Expect From 30A

Regardless if you have had a professional photographer or not, your expectations are still beautiful, timeless products that capture a moment in time. We understand that no two clients or photoshoots are the same. With 30a Portraits & Weddings you can expect a professional and courteous experience. Be prepared to enjoy quality products from 30a that are durable and beautiful.

Punctuality– Although it’s on the way to becoming an old fashioned notion, punctuality is still

very much at the top of our list. We view time as a commodity and we value your time as much

as you do. Of course emergencies are unforeseen, and if we should encounter one, we extend

the consideration of informing our clients immediately.

Fast Service– We pride ourselves with quick a turn around and we deliver your products as soon

as possible. We are just as excited as you are about your images, and want to get them in your

hands in record time.

Enjoyable– We like to provide a fun and relaxed environment. While we are serious about

providing unmatched customer service, we don’t want your entire experience to be serious and

intense. We know that if our clients are rigid and uncomfortable, it will show in their images.

With that in mind, we try to bring lots of positive energy and excitement, knowing that it will

transfer to our clients and bring out their personalities.

Communication– We like to make ourselves accessible from beginning to end. We inform our

clients of our process, and let them know what to expect next. We know everyone leads busy

lives, so we don’t bombard our clients with phone calls, texts, and emails. We let you set the

pace. You can have as much, or as little contact and info as you like.

Extend Your Legacy– At 30a, we truly believe in creating a visual legacy. That’s why we stress

the importance of preserving and protecting your images with quality products that are ready to

hang. Your art work and images tell your story and define your legacy. We are honored to be

part of such a crucial process that creates products to be passed on for generations.

Equipment– We use mirrorless cameras, which provide the latest technology and provide a

chance to see the image before we even take the picture. In addition a we use professional

lenses which offer buttery soft backgrounds while keeping our subjects crisp and sharp.

All of our lighting is portable and wireless. With the absence of plugs and cords, we can shoot

almost anywhere. We are knowledgeable in using both LED and flash, whatever the conditions,

we are ready.

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