Choosing the Right Photographer for You📸

Searching for the right photographer for you can be a headache, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Most of us just Google a few options, look at the photos on the website, and “boom!” we’ve booked a session! Rarely do we check out the photography styles and lighting choices (natural light, studio lights, enhanced lighting, combined lighting, etc.). But don’t worry! If you have never thought about what you want in a photographer, keep reading!

As a professional photographer, I have studied lighting, camera lenses, photography styles, and more to a great extent. I want to help make the process easier for you. Follow this guide to find your perfect photographer that will bring your vision to life.

Important things to note when searching for a photographer are:

>Their portfolio (Do they have a style you love?)

>Equipment (Do they have equipment for various settings?)

>Professionalism (Are they easy to work with?)


First, find a style(s) you love. Once you’ve done that, you are able to narrow down your search. Your prospective photographer should be able to provide you with examples of the variety of styles they are able to shoot. This may already be displayed on their website, but feel free to ask them!

Envision yourself and/or partner in one of their photos and take notice of how it makes you feel. 


If you know the location you are wanting to shoot at, this will be a little easier. The goal is to make sure the photographer has equipment that not only captures you in the best light, but your background as well. If you are on the beach, does your photographer know which lighting to use to minimize the glare of the water? If it’s at night, can they make you “pop” out of the darkness? You may not know the specs of a Sony A7 III camera or that the Canon 70-200mm zoom lens gives you short, medium, and long telephoto length options, but your photographer should be able to create the look you want with the equipment they have.


Finding your perfect photographer is like dating. Not everyone is going to work out, and that’s ok. You want the best photographer for you. Take notice of their communication styles, their professionalism, and most importantly, how they make you feel. You want to like your photographer not only as a photographer, but as a person. This will go a long way into making sure your photos turn out as expected. 

I know all of this may sound daunting, but it is all very important when choosing a photographer, especially for special occasions in your life. Doing a little research into photography and your specific needs will help you and your photographer establish style, type of photography, dos and don’ts while posing, plus a host of other tips and tricks used in capturing your best looks. Next time you’re in the market for a professional photographer, keep these handy ideas on hand, either in the back of your head or, if you’re like me (forgetful), in your phone for quick reference!

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